Our school respectfully acknowledges that we are located on the ancestral, traditional and unceded Indigenous territory of the Algonquin Peoples, 
on whose territory we pray, learn, play and work.

School Staff


C. Faux
L. Hannigan
Administrative Assistants
T. Kelly (Head Office Administrator)
M. Hutchinson

M. Cruikshank
A. D'Orazio
J. Duff 

K. McCoy
H. Pierunek 

N. Brooking  KPB 
K. Dean
T. Doyle
A. Hollis
J. Perrier-Raina
S. Thompson


Grade 1
R. Bell
M. Burke
K. Gasperetti 
T. Matheson
G. Riopel

Grade 2
N. Burns
J. da Costa
E. Decristoforo
K. Gasperetti
J. Lattanzio  Website
J. White 

Grade 3 
N. Burns
B. Caminiti Website
L. Cepella ( S. Brownley) Website
M. Ferguson (M. Carvery)
M. Jackson
J. Orsak


Grade 4 
K. Benjamin
L. Cepella
K. Dean
J. Dupuis
P. Harlin
J. Ranieri
S. Sloan (A. Peixoto   https://mspeixoto.wixsite.com/mysite)

Grade 5
J. Dupuis
D. Langford
J. Lattanzio  website
E. Larock
J. Ranieri
N. Wall

Grade 6
J. Dupuis
D. Langford
E. Larock
J. Lattanzio  website
S. Roy
F. Vispo 

S. Lalonde
P. Sproule

S. Bruyere
M. Harris
C. Scheffer 
J.  Snippe
E. Zeleny

L. Fitzsimmons

D. Heneberry (Head Caretaker)
P. Fagan

Brittanie Goodfellow - EDP Supervisor
Nidhal Abdul-Ameer - Assistant
Kyla Lobo - Assistant
Steve Nadeau - Assistant






About Our School

Mission Statement

The St. Leonard School community believes that a Catholic school is one in which the teachings of Jesus Christ are integrated into the day-to-day curriculum and social fabric of school life.

The strength of our school comes from the Catholic faith that the staff, students and community share. We aspire to have our students develop a way of living which embodies the life of Jesus Christ.

The staff and students of St. Leonard School have many opportunities to pray and demonstrate their Catholic faith. These opportunities include school-wide and classroom liturgies, the celebration of the Sacraments of First Eucharist, Reconciliation and Confirmation.

St. Leonard Student Handbook

The St. Leonard Student's Pledge

I am respectful. I am responsible. I am safe. I am prepared.

We are here to learn; therefore, I will do nothing to keep the teacher from teaching, and anyone, myself included, from learning..I will cooperate with all school people.

I will respect myself, others and the school environment.

By acting in this way, I am capable, caring and contributing.

Affiliated Schools

1040 Dozois Road
Manotick, ON 
K4M 1B2
Phone: 613-692-2551 

Our Parish

5332 Long Island Road, Manotick
Phone:  613-692-4254

2015 River Road, Manotick
Phone:  613-821-0761

2546 Stagecoach Road, Osgoode
Phone:  613-821-0761

Projects, Activities, Clubs & Teams

Teacher Learning and Leadership Project

The St. Leonard TLLP project, Creating Learning Partnerships For Authentic Student Inquiry, is underway.

Find out more about the project:



Girls Soccer
Boys Soccer 
Cross Country (Mixed) 
Girls Handball 
Boys Handball 
Girls Basketball 
Boys Basketball 
Ultimate Frisbee (Mixed)
Girls T Football 
Boys T Football
Track and Field (Mixed) 

Each year our students in Gr. 5 and 6 are asked to complete a survey to determine which sport event they would like to participate in.  This provides us direction to determine which event we select for our school's participation.
Check our school calendar for dates of the various School Board tournaments.

We encourage our students to participate in extra curricular clubs and school teams each year. We know many students have the opportunity to participate in local area teams and some of our students do not have this opportunity.  By the time our students leave Gr. 6 we try to ensure that all those students, who want to be on a school team, have been on at least one time before they head off to Gr. 7.  To this end, students have the chance to try out for all school teams knowing that the selection is not merely based on choosing the best athlete.

The Track and Field Day for the junior classes held in May/June.  It is a day for all junior-level students to participate. The Track and Field team is chosen from the participants and trained for the various events. Students may only enter a limited number of events therefore; a student winning several events during our School Track and Field day may not necessarily represent the school for that event.


Choir - Grade 3 and 4
St. Leonard Environment Club - Grade 4 
French Club - Grade 1 and 2
Animal Lover's Club - Grade 1-3
Guitar Club - stlguitar.blogspot.ca Grade 5
Kids Helping Kids - Grade 6
MilkBag Mats - Grade 4-6
Running Club - Grade 2-6
Coding Club - Grade 5-6
Radio Show Club - Grade 6